Ing-Ind/05 Aerospace Equipments and Systems

The sector studies aeronautical and space systems as a whole and in the interaction and integration aspects of the sub-systems making up the configuration, in relation to the achievement of mission objectives. The sector also studies individual subsystems and on-board installations of aeronautical and space vehicles designed to ensure the operational life of the system (vehicle steering and control, production and distribution of power, avionics and on-board electronic systems, transmission and processing of information, thermal control and air conditioning, etc.) and the track-side equipment necessary for mission control and experimentation. These are aspects of the study: the definition of the functional architecture of the individual units and the project; the identification of components in functional terms; the influence on the system and subsystems of the external environment and dynamic interactions; the ground and in-flight experimentation of aeronautical and space systems; on-board instrumentation; guidance, navigation and control of the system; subsystems and ground instrumentation necessary for trajectory and orbit survey and data acquisition and transmission; methodologies, sub-systems and instrumentation necessary for special applications such as remote sensing. The sector uses specific methods of investigation, such as simulation for experimental, analytical and numerical modelling.

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