Ing-Ind/16 Manufacturing Technologies and Systems

The processes of transformation of materials and information - which realize the life cycle of products from their conception to production and possible recycling - use, in the various phases, technologies and systems (instrumental goods) together with methods and tools for the conception and management of transformation activities.  Technological solutions - products, processes and networked systems - increasingly based on research, will have to meet the growing demands of global competitiveness and sustainability.   As a result, the sector studies the transformation processes that affect manufacturing products, consisting of traditional and innovative materials, ranging from manufacturing, to assemblies, to controls, to recycling; the mechanical and technological characterization of the processed materials and the link of their properties with the parameters that govern the processes; methodologies and tools for the design of processes, components and transformation systems (instrumental goods); the planning, management and control of processing, assembly, control and recycling systems; the management of quality and environmental protection from a sustainable development perspective.

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